Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Percy Jackson & the lightning thief 6 March 2010

Saturday afternoon.
En is interested in Greek Mythology Creatures. When I told her about this movie, she was scared stiff but was keen to watch it. In this movie, you get to see Poseidon, Zeus, Hades, Minotaur, Fury, Satyr, Medusa, Hydra, Athena, Lotus Eater, Demigods and Centaur. For the first time, Hui sat intently throughout the movie and muttered "Don't fight".

Left-En happily showing the movie tickets.

Next planned-movie - Alice in the Wonderland.


Jack Ng said...

I was pleasantly surprised that Hui could last the distance of the movie. It made think that we can go back to our good old movie watching days + the children.

Alice in Wonderland...., looking forward to it. Please buy my ticket, I want to watch.

Acash said...

Planning to buy the DVD and store it, only show it after Sarah read the book. Try showing " Where Wild Thing are" it is an award winning book turn into a movie. The book is really short.