Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nasi Lemak & Egg Experiment 27 November 2009

Friday evening.
EnHui wanted to eat non-spicy nasi lemak !, just cucumber, egg, nuts and anchovies. I prepared it in a healthier way but it's not as yummy as the usual one we eat.  We cooked the rice without santan(coconut cream), bought ground nuts from the "kacang putih" uncle! :) and baked the anchovies in the oven.

We boiled eggs and did an experiment with it. The experiment goes like this.  Spin the raw egg. While it's spinning, lightly place a finger on top to stop the movement and quickly remove your finger. The stationary egg will start  to spin again, all by itself. Boil the egg. Try the experiment again with a hard boiled egg. When boiled egg stops, it stays still. They learnt the science momentum and the difference on how liquid and solid contents moved.

Left- EnHui love eating the cucumber this way, and not slicing it. Right- Mom who loves chilli, ate it with kimchi (yummy in my tummy!) bought from a Hobahn Korean Restaurant @dpc, RM4 per tub.

EnHui knows their "all the time food" and "sometimes food". I tell them as and when we eat the food. There is one particular book about food which they love to play again and again. Eat Your Colors! A Puzzle Book (Sesame Street Happy Healthy Monsters)

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