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Langkawi Island 28 March 2010

Sunday pm.
Air Asia promo fare RM190(include 20kg check-in luggage)  to and fro Langkawi, for 4 people! - so here we go to Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 islands. This is EnHui 's second Langkawi trip.
Someone asked, how did I get cheap tickets? I logged on to the website 2-3 days before the promo ended. No hassle at all. I just chose from the available dates for cheap fare. Perhaps my travel period is non peak and falls on weekdays. And I bought the tickets in July 2009!

Left- This trip, Hui paid attention to the safety info card onboard.
Right- En wonder what happened behind the curtain of conveyer belt!

We rented a Perodua Kancil for RM140 from Sunday evening till Wednesday evening. Contact Zamzuri 0124739615. He is a nice chap. Proton Waja is priced at RM180 for the same duration, from another chap at the airport.

EnHui sticked their face to the aircond! Hot weather and with not-so-cold air cond!

Right- Hui noticed the manual gear and used it as a mic!
a view snapped during car ride to hotel.

We stayed at Awana Porto Malai. RM245 for two nights that comes with 2 adults buffet breakfast, daily complimentary The Star newspaper (*collect from lobby front desk) and two welcome fruit punch drinks. Thanks to aunty Jess for the promo voucher. :) The usual rate is approx RM200 or less per night on non-peak period. En is charged at RM13.80 for breakfast whereas Hui is foc.

Left- a mini trolley at Pasaraya Cenang! :) Right- When I opened the hotel room door, En ran to the bed!

Toilet and bathroom are of separate room . Shower head undetachable.
Right- Toilet flush leak once after used! Dad flushed it once again and the leaking stopped.  

Left- Soap dispenser in the bathroom.
Left- Coffee/Tea maker set.

Left- En has converted the cupboard into a treehouse. Pillow as the ladder.

View from balcony.
Monday 7am
The moment En woke up, she went to the balcony. EnHui love balcony. They saw some roosters from the balcony. En asked me "Can I feed them?" There are 4 roosters and 1 hen living in the garden.

Left- EnHui happily threw bread to the chickens. Right- Chickens pecking the bread.

Left- Buffet breakfast @Seagull Restaurant, served different varities throughout the 3 breakfast we had.
 Right- We saw a dead bird :(

Left- Hui chasing the owl kite dad was flying. She refused to let it fly up and away.
Right- En wanted to bury the dead bird!

Muzium Laman Padi @Pantai Cenang has a gallery explaining all stages of rice farming, multi-tiered rooftop rice garden and a walk at the padi field. Opens 1000-1800. Entrance and parking is foc. 

Left- Hui admired padi submerged in water. Right- En is more interested with the cat at first.
Left- En @ padi field. Right- En touched the water covered with green seedlings

Left- grain that has been threshed. Right- En with her treasure - a stalk of padi plant

 dad took rice out from the husk

Left- En & dad checking the tub filled with grains while Hui with what she likes, flowers - frangipani. There are pink, red and white colour frangipani at Laman Padi.
Right- En smelled the padi leaf. It has a fragrant.

Left- En with the padi farming tool. Right- Dad  & En looked at a patch of soil that has been ploughed.

Left - En meddled with the winnowing machine. Right- En threshing tub

We met with an upside down beetle.

Flipped it over.
En let the beetle walked over her hand!

Left- Lots of screwpine! Right. An interesting edible herb garden.

Makam Mahsuri @ the village of Mawat. Opens at 0800 - 1700. Adult RM5. Child RM1. Learning history of Mahsuri.

Left- Mahsuri Masouleum.  Right- En climbed up to Mahsuri home.
There are couple of stilt wooden houses.. and En simply loves them. She said "I want to stay here!"

Left- En with some cotton from the tree (Right)

EnHui and dad at the entrance of Geological Heritage.

These are the only rocks inside the Geological Heritage!

En, fetching water from well!

Check out the showtime.

Homeschooling is also a way for children and adults to reunite living and learning that go far beyond doing homework together - by Patrick Farenga.

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