Saturday, April 10, 2010

How do I homeschool? 9 April 2010

Friday night.
I was asked "What do you do at home? What's your plan today? What is next? What is unschooling? What about language? etc etc etc"
I don't have plans most of the days. Sometimes I try to think of things to do with EnHui but mostly, I am not able to do what I plan. EnHui are busy, the moment they wake up till the moment they fall asleep. Their mind is full. Playing is mostly what they like to do. Playing is the way of learning for them.
Sometimes, if I have an idea and I am able to do it on the spot, I will do it. For instance, I happened to put a potted plant near the window the other day and I thought, why not highlight to En 'the movement of plant' and so I did. If I didn't do it there and then, most likely I will forget about it.
I try to create a lot of opportunities for them at home. Also, I try to put as many things, at home, that I can think of or come across, in which I think the children will like to use. Like for art and craft, I bought lots of different paints, papers. etc. We have a box where all the craft's raw material are stored in it.
There was one occassion, when I went to the book store, I saw many colourful ropes of different material. I bought some and EnHui found many variety of ways in using it. They use it as a kite string, finishing race line, seat belt and among others En tied a spiderweb on my grill door and it's still there today !
I try to attend to EnHui's queries. I help when they request for it. I read when they ask me to. Should I not able to attend to their queries, I would explain why.
I plan outings. EnHui love everything mostly, so it's easy.
As for language, I read aloud to them.
Fundamentally, unschooling means, no structured learning as oppose to mainstream school. EnHui learns what they love, naturally, while they are living, they are learning too. Living is learning. I actually think and half expect that they will lead me in their learning.
I recommend How Children Learn, The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child: Your Complete Guide to Getting Off to the Right Start, LEARNING ALL THE TIME
Bedroom slipper for dad! by En. Nov 2009.

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