Monday, April 19, 2010

Dad the barber 18 April 2010

Sunday pm
We need to trim EnHui's hair, for they are going to be a flower girl this weekend.
Left- Hui was the first one. Right- En who was waiting, cut herself an apron.
Left- When dad called her, she was "fully" protected!
En's hair from the fringe.


greenhoihoi said...

amazing. she made her own apron. she is indeed very proactive.

Jack Ng said...

Let me share with your a secret and tell you what you ought not to do, Hoi Yan.

Before she made that apron using orange paper, she asked me for newspaper and I told her that we are out of old newspaper because we donated it in the morning.

And I did not want to give her the day's newspaper (although there are section that I do not read at all). In short I was getting a little impatient (okay...not a little) and wanted her to get ready for her turn after her sister's cut.

Then, without heeding what I said, she took all those A4 size color paper that we bought for her art & craft joined them with stapler. At that point I still said, hey what a waste of resources. And i even offer one section of the day's newspaper for cutting. But there is no turning back, she made an orange apron.

I think any kids can do this, honestly. En nearly was not able to do it, if she had listen to my lame excuses. But she would let my talking stop her.

And I was lucky that day, very glad she did not give a care about what i said, if not, you will not see the orange apron. And we will not be able to witness and write about it.

So the lesson here is don;t do what I did, for you may not be so lucky. I should get out of the way more often to let them explore.

Jack Ng said...

correction...."But she would NOT let my talking stop her"....

Bryan Koh said...

Ya , we should not stop child from exploring.