Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Messy hand painting 4 April 2010

Sunday am.
En brought the tempera paints Crayola Artista II Washable Tempera Paint 16oz Green and paper to the kitchen.. and I asked "where is your brush?".
She painted with her hands!

En's hand painting.

Left- Hui took a brush and joined En. Right- Hui hold the brush between her toes!

A moment later, Hui got bored and scribbled black paint on En's green hand painting. En tried hard to amend it,  putting more green on the paper. Unfortunately, the black paint was still visible. En was upset and cried uncontrollably. I consoled her but to no avail. So, I stopped and just let her cried next to me. Later, she stormed into her room. I told dad to bring Hui away. A while later, En came out of the room. She spoke. "I am sad, mommy". I echoed "You are sad." En came nearer and I hugged her. I said "I love you very much. Though I have said many times but I like to say again, I am still so glad you are born. Thank you for being born and thank you for choosing me as your mom".  Instantly, she changed into her bubbly self again. I never mentioned about the paints. En talked a lots of stuffs while I listened. A moment later, I whispered "You have a big heart and I know you forgive your toddler sister. Hui is like a tiny caterpillar that needs lots of love and understanding for her to grow into a pupae. And you, (En) have become a beautiful butterfly."
When dad and Hui came home, En apologized to them .
Children knows their mistake. En felt bad too when unpleasant things like this happened. She is learning to deal with her emotion. I dont do a good job in dealing with my emotion sometimes and I shouldn't be judging her. What I have said assured her, that I am there for her and not blaming her, making her feel worse. With a good feeling, En is able to overcome the hurdle.


Under The Sky said...

Very effective way of dealing with emotion. Will use it on my kids. Thanks!

Chandrika Fern said...

Thanks! I learnt a lesson here!