Saturday, April 10, 2010

How do I come about homeschooling? 9 April 2010

Friday night.
I thought of homeschooling before but brushed it aside, thinking that I am not capable of doing so. I am not a degree holder and I am weak academically . I don't specialise in anything great and my general knowledge is poor.
When En was 4+, my hubby and I browsed for kindies in our area. I don't like that most kindies now operate in shoplots where there is no outdoor garden and play area. Classes among 4,5 and 6 years old are separated by a low flimsy divider. I am put off by countless books in the curriculum, let alone homework. When En went for a trial class at one kindie which doesn't believe in homework drilling, I was so shocked seeing how the teachers ran the class. It has no respect for children in the way they deal with them. En was not allowed to explore freely while she learns. The teacher gave her a stern stare when she tried to flip the story book she was holding!
I finally found a kindie which run in a huge bungalow house with pool, mini garden, sandpit etc. It is like a dream come true. Unfortunately,  it's too academically incline. The headmistress said "I gotta prepare my child to Chinese School which is tough at even Standard 1"
I decided not to send En to kindie when she turned 5. Then I came across "Learning Beyond Schooling", a book by Chong Wai Leng. That was my first step to homeschooling. When I found out more about it, there was no turning back. It's like I have discovered the best and most beautiful education.
I didn't get support from my mom, relatives and many friends. I got a bigger objection from my husband's family. I received rude and unjustiable comments about me. I was opinionated but frustrated for not able to explain well and convince people what I am doing is not wrong. As time goes by, the negative remarks fell on deaf ears and I just brushed it off. I made the decision that I will homeschool EnHui no matter what.

Left- Sept 2007, En@ 3 years& 4 months old. She liked stacking yoghurt tubs.
Right- Aug 2008, Hui @14months old. It suprised me when I saw her with so many pieces of clothes on. She put it on, all by herself. :)


Paul & Ann said...

I think you are doing great. I do applaud for the things you are doing and you continue to aspire me with your determination to give your children the best. Well done Shannon. Do not despair. Personally, I think kids which is being home schooled fairs better in life as they are more prepared emotionally.

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