Thursday, April 8, 2010

Magnificent Caterpillar - cont 5 April 2010

Monday am.
When we woke up, we saw a butterfly has emerged from the first caterpillar that transformed into a cocoon.

 the cocoon is white in colour after the butterfly emerged.
EnHui released the butterfly at the window.

Left- En put her hand, hoping that the butterfly will fly on her hand.
Right- Butterfly flew out and into the gap between our oven and kitchen cabinet.

Right- A moment later the second pupa skin split.
Left- The limp, damp butterfly crawled out and dropped to the bottom. 

Right- The wings is expanded and blood is pumping into them.
Left- A little warming from the sun and it's now ready to fly.

Guppies are live-bearers. They do not lay eggs.
30 fry born at our home has matured.

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