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Dnest Aviation Services 6 April 2010

Tuesday 945am
Thanks to aunty Mindy and Rayhana, we visited a hangar @Dnest Aviation. 10 families of Kepong/D'sara and PJ/Subang homeschooling gathered at 10am. Our patience and cheerful guide, Sivan greeted us at the entrance and brought us to an air-cond room (phew!), served with refreshment. While we munched, he briefed us on the rules and regulation. One of the rules, "no photography is allowed" (arrggghhh!) and only selected area can be taken. Then, we were ushered to a hangar. En said "I like to follow aunty Rayhana & off she ran holding Rayhana and sometimes Ayman's hand. Sivan gave facts while we toured the hangar. It's an eye opener seeing the sights of so many beautiful and classy private aircrafts and helicopters. There is also a bright red fire-fighting aircraft! Unfortunately, I can't remember a single name or info! :) The heat was unbearable and little Hui who dislikes hot weather, felt tired. It wore me off as well. At the end of the hangar tour, we viewed the interior of two aircrafts. One of the old type and the other with the newest technology, where there is 3D colourful touch-screen on the screen of the cockpit's control panel. It's so much attractive compare to the green & black color only that I have seen onboard. We returned to the air-cond room where it ended with a Q & A session. I learnt that one needs apptitude and character to be a pilot and not just degree! Dnest offers pilot course for children as young as 12. Our children can learn to fly before they learn to drive a car! For more info on the course, email
For more info on Dnest, Hangar.

This place is so huge and marvellous.

Left- Sivan briefed us while we had our breakfast of currypuff, 'kuih' and 'sirap'. 
Right- Hui took couple of curry puff (ate only the crust which is non-spicy) and left me finished with the rest!

Left- Hot sun blazing and glaring. Little Hui who dislikes hot weather didn't enjoy it. I unzipped her dress a little to cool her off. Photo taken by myself while holding Hui.
Right- Our group photo - courtesy from June.
Some pretty ladies gave us cookies and sweets after we came out of the viewing aircraft. Aunty Mindy baked those delicious, mouth watering cookie.
En's paper-cutting glider, made in the car, on the way home.

We planned to let the children draw a "thank you" picture for Dnest, so I brought along colour pencils and art block. Beforehand, I told En about it. She said "I dont' want to draw. I want to make a craft". I remarked that I won't be able to carry so much craft material as it's heavy.  En added "I only need paper and scissor". And she uttered "But I think the uncle will throw my craft away as it's ugly".  At the end, of the tour, I didn't annouce the drawing session, seeing everyone all sweaty and tired. In the car, En asked me about it. She went on with the craft and cut a glider from a piece of paper. En enjoyed the tour so much.

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Paul & Ann said...

That is an interesting tour I bet. I myself love all types of air craft. always amazed by the military craft.
So how did you manage to get a tour of the place? I want to try to see whether I can get a tour of the place