Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ping Pong 1 April 2010

Thursday evening.
En set up the mini ping pong net on the table. The suction cap didn't stay on the table. She asked for my help and I told her I couldn't do it either. Maybe we can stick it on the tile floor. She wasn't satisfied with my answer. In less than 5 minutes later, she called me to have a look at what she has done!

Left- actual suction cap that doesn't stick on table. Right- En's solution.  Colour pencils were poked into the hole on the plank. The left side of the net was rolled and clipped as the net is too short for the next hole but a bit long for the existing hole where the pencil is poked into.
Dad and I have tried getting her to play ping pong. And she replied with a firm NO. Today, she invited dad to play with her, using the mini toy bat! I am so thrilled. I found out that she began to take up more new things this week which she didn't want to before - canoe, wanted to jumped into the sea with life vest and now ping pong.

Friday am
The ping pong fever continued on Friday morning.

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Jack Ng said...

I can see that she has found her courage again in trying stuff. In the pool today, she jumped from the ledge into the deep end (with me there) without the float. And she begin to experiment with swimming to me (at the deep at end) without the float for a short distance. Pretty impressive.