Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kellie Castle & Clear Water Sanctuary 31 October 2009

Saturday am. Batu Gajah.
En loves history on castles and dungeons. We took the opportunity to drop by Kellie Castle before heading to Clear Water Sanctuary. The story of Kellie Castle is pasted on the walls. An hour or + would be sufficient to explore and linger around.

View of Kellie Castle across the bridge. 

Mom and EnHui walked thru the rooms of the castle.

After visiting Kellie's Castle, we headed to Clear Water Sanctuary for an overnight camp and a session with Dato Lat on Sunday morning. We are thankful to have Ipoh HS Intan for the arrangement of this field trip. Hui at 28 months, wasn't able to sleep comfortably in the tent and was crying the whole night through whereas En slept soundly! En who always wanted to camp, overjoyed with this trip and wish to camp again in the future!

 En found our tent! and location.

Our group's drawing by Megan, EnHui. "Learning without schooling"
Scribble on the right side of  the drawing was Hui's contribution.

Left- En drew on her hands as well. Right- Dad, the mummy @ mummy competition.

Sunday 9am.
Dato Lat is humble and cheerful! :) During the session, he explained some stories in his comic book which made the group of audience burst into laughter. After that, he gave personal attention to every child's drawing and autographed their book. He continued with sharing his drawing  skill (below) and even drew some children's faces.

While Dato Lat drew, he gave tips and advice to the kids.

En with her "Kampung Boy" book.

Group photo.

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