Friday, April 9, 2010

Pusat Sains Negara- refurbished 6 April 2010

Tuesday 245pm.
After the hangar trip, we chilled out at Dish Deli Solaris. Though the food is not that great, it's a relaxing place for me to rest my sorefeet & backpain while eating peacefully. :) Then, we checked out the new renovated PSN nearby. Many of the exhibits are of old ones but relocated. :(  For the month of April, entrance is foc as renovation is still on-going. :) EnHui, Ayman, Ayra, Abigail and Gabrielle had fun messing around in the quiet PSN. :)

Activity- "Let's create". Kids chose a picture to color and the staff used a badge maker, creating a badge.

 Hui liked seeing the badge-making process and went for a second round. She hurriedly scribbled on the picture and passed to the staff again. Then, she wanted to go for the third time but I stopped her :(, thinking it might be a waste of material. *sigh*

 Left- The kids love stuffing the dolphin with the pokey balls, choking it! :)
Right - A mini piano slide.

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