Friday, April 16, 2010

Resonance Function of the Right Brain 16 April 2010

Friday 845am.
En : "Let's picnic at the park".
I : Ok. (seeing Hui naked..). Zhang hui, please put on clothes.
Hui : It's ok, there is noboby at the park.
(I peeped through the curtain and truly, there was no one at the park ! not even a cleaner. )

Thursday 230pm
We were driving towards grandma's home. Just 5 minitues before we arrived, Hui blurted "gu gu(uncle) is back". At this hour, my brothers are at work. So I asked "Which gu gu?" Hui replied "big gu gu". When I arrived, lo and behold, my elder brother 's car is at home! My mom who was waiting at the gate, got into my car. We drove to the clinic for mom's doctor appt. I asked mom "Elder brother is not working today?". My mom replied " He just got back couple of minutes ago." !!

Thursday night.
En said " Dad will be at the lift".
I : How do you know?

When we parked the car and walked to the lift, dada wasn't there. En seems to anticipate his arrival. Finally, the lift arrived, suddenly Dad walked into the lift lobby!

Resonance function is based on the theory that cells radiate energy waves and receive wave radiations from the environment. The natural functions of the right brain is able to receive information from all cellls of the body and transformed it into an image. by prof Makoto Shichida.
How to raise a superb child: How to develop an infant's right and left brain hemispheres


Jack Ng said...

Goodness, at last, ROI. This sounds like is time to introduce them to the game of chance. Deng Deng Deng......

Jiun said...

Amazing! Did En go through lot of right brain training to be able to do this ?