Friday, April 2, 2010

Langkawi Island 29 March 2010

Monday pm
After visiting Makam Mahsuri, we retired to the hotel. EnHui who were still full of zest, wanted to go to the pool!  So dad, who was exhausted had to go with them! :) The moment En saw the pool, she bellowed "yahoooooooo" and flinging her slippers while she ran toward it.
The pool is fun! Big. There is a deep pool, children pool and a splashing pool!

Children Sand Box next to the pool.

A mini playground @ the garden next to the pool.

@Awana Porto Malai. Seagull Restaurant waiters will bring bread for feeding.   

Feeding fishes. Hui who is short, fed them from the bottom.!

Bread crumb that we threw.

One type of the fishes at Awana Porto Malai.

                   A great view of the archipelago from Awana Porto Malai.

The small area of beach near Awana Porto Malai.

There is no beach within Awana compound. The nearest beach is within a walking distance, good only for sandcastle making . For a better one, it's a 5 minutes drive to Pantai Cenang.
Left- strolled along Awana jetty and checked the sea transportation of all sorts - yacht, catamaran, speedboat, kayak, cruise liner etc. Dad attended to EnHui's queries.

Left- En picked up a plastic bag from the sea, commented " I don't like to pollute the sea!".

When the night fell, we were at the lobby lounge as wifi internet connection is only available here, foc when you order any beverage. Dad needed to check office emails. The password given is good for days. The next day, dad used the computer at the lobby area. We couldn't get the password by just using our foc welcome drink coupon.

Left- freshly squeezed juice RM10 and foc welcome drink - fruit punch.  Right- EnHui were busy like dad.

Dad doing office work and EnHui drew with tuxpaint.  Me! :)  enjoyably listened to live music.

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