Friday, April 2, 2010

Langkawi Island 30 March 2010

Tuesday am
The moment En woke up, she said " I want to feed the rooster!"

En chased the rooster (behind rattan chair!)

My breakfast! @Seagull restaurant, Awana Porto Malai.

The food is pleasing @Seagull Restaurant. Most of our meals are taken here. Buffet dinner at RM38 per person. Total of RM76 for 4 of us (EnHui is foc). Prices for ala carte is more or less the same as restaurants along Pantai Cenang.  

Fun & Adventure @Awana offers land & sea activities.

Zamzuri, whom we rented our car from, offers island hopping tour to Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar and Pulau Basah Besar, RM35 for adult and RM25 forchildren above 3. When we checked with Awana Fun & Adventure, we were charged RM35 for adult and RM20 for children above 3 for the same islands. So, we booked with Awana as it's just a dollar more and the departure is at the hotel jetty itself. The tour is 930am to 1230pm. Please bring some cash if you intend to have lake activities @Pulau Dayang Bunting and toilet is 50cent per entry.

Left -On the boat shared, 7 other guests. Right- Pulau Dayang Bunting. It resembles (seen from the right) a maiden head, breast and pregnant tummy.  I told the story of the myth surrounding this lake.

Left- the beautiful lake. Right- Lots of long-tailed macaque (never carry a plastic bag)

Left - Dad swam in the lake!

Women changing rooms.  Men changing room is available too.

Me and En

Children pool but it's full of moss!

Pulau Singa Besar - eagle feeding.

Fishes were thrown to sea and numerous eagles swooped down to catch them. We watched from the boat.

A breathtaking view of Pulau Basah Besar. En just jumped from the boat into the water when it arrived!

And she splashed in the water! laughing joyfully, while we struggled to get down from boat.
We saw many fry.

We couldn't find shells at Pulau Basah Besar!

Next destination- cable car ride, that jerks passengers to 709m above sea level to the top of Gunung Mat Chinchang( second tallest mountain of Langkawi). daily 1000 -1900. Adult RM15 and child RM5. The view is truly spectacular throughout the ride and from the few viewing platform on top of the station. But the ride is spine-chilling for me and dad. On the other hand, EnHui rode on it without fear, moving and exploring freely. En said "I want to go again!" Dad and I were almost half-numb from fear.

Left- EnHui circling the table @hotel lobby. Right- Boarding the cable car.

a view from the cable car on the first leg.

 a view from the first viewing platform.

We walked the steep steps downward that led us to a suspension bridge.

Left- the moment En saw the bridge! she ran towards it.. crossing 1/3 of it!
Right- View from cable car on the return leg.

My trauma from the cable car ride wasn't over yet ! and so terrified to cross the bridge! En pulled me along. I asked her to sing me a song while I crossed the bridge and she happily sang "London Bridge is falling down, bla bla bla".  

                    In the evening, fish feeding again!

             And kite-flying.

 Splashing at the pool! En wore two goggles on her face! One as mouthpiece!

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