Saturday, April 17, 2010

TUDM Musuem Sungai Besi 17 April 2010

An hour visit to TUDM museum, Jalan Lapangan Terbang. (it's sufficient!). Foc entrance & parking.
Left- First two planes that greeted us. Right- Indoor exhibit.

Left- Plane being stripped. Right- Interior part of a fighter plane.

Left- Helicopter where we can sit on. Right- Dilapilated fire engine
Rusty cockpit.
Left- all the aircraft parts that has been dismantled. Right -En jumping to reach the roof.

Aircond- exhibit next to the pond.

Left- Insignia. Right- the final crew for the 20th century.
Left- I love this piece. :)

En took interest on the 'jungle survival kit" display the most. I took the chance to explain. She asked more questions. This is how I knew she was keen in it. I walked away and she stood there still, staring at it. Then, dad walked to her. Dad explained again.. (without knowing that I have done it earlier).. but she listened intently and asked questions again. Hui loves the aircraft models especially the big MAS model.


greenhoihoi said...

thanks for sharing this. we went to the place right after reading your blog. it's very near our house. running out of ideas of where to go. it was at 4pm sunday afternoon. indoor exhibit didn't seem to open though. but good fun.

Paul & Ann said...

OH MY GAWD!!! I didn't even know there was a museum there!! I am so ashamed!! I am definitely taking Sarah there. She loves the military stuff when we took her to Port Dickon to visit the army museum there. Thanks for posting it up!! Good job!

Tintoy said...

hi jack, thanks for sharing, i been there once but that time there was only a few planes, as they drag many out to the next door for some event.

anyway, i plan to go again to take some photo, as i am a big fans of old fighter plane, i might bring my pilot jacket + goggle + helmet there to take some 'make-believe' photos as a pilot :)


Ng Shannon said...

Hello Greenhoihoi & Paul&Ann,
You are welcome. :)

Hi Tintoy,

Tag me on your make-believe pilot pose photos. :D
Have fun flying captain.

Enhui unschooling.