Friday, April 16, 2010

Does a homeschooler feels 'alienated" seeing her friends attending school? 16 April 2010

Friday night.
I personally don't feel it would be a problem when En sees her friends going to school. She has her friends who are attending school. She knows she is suppose (like other kids) to go but she didn't because she is being homeschooled and she is okay with it. On the other hand, she has her homeschooler circle of friends,  neighbour, other friends and cousins whom she can mingle with.

I trust and respect her feelings. She doesn't seem to face any problem now nor she complain about wanting to go to school. I can see that she is enjoying life  She is going to turn 6 and there are many more years ahead. I can't see the future but we will cross the bridge when we come to it.

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greenhoihoi said...

such privileged child. to have a pair of understanding parents, freedom, ability to learn n live at her own pace and wish. i can see her being very "entrepreneur" in the way she deal with her daily issues.