Friday, April 23, 2010

Just Me & En 21 April 2010

Wednesday night.
Tonight, Hui slept much earlier. I finally got to allocate "En&Me" time for her. En suggested we do some craft. So, a 'spy-headquarter' door sign it is, from How to Be a Spy in 7 Days or Less! She is still so attach to this book and even asked to meet with a real spy! When we have done painting, she grabbed the crayon box, papers and moved on to drawing/colouring. I just followed her lead and joined in. Tonight, I felt a deep sense of joy, enjoying every moment with her. I realised I have not been able to spend time alone with her for quite some time. I saw how patient she is, waiting for my time and how impatient I could be, when I waited for her.
Left- En painted the sign. Right- a painted frame, cut-out from a cereal box.

Left- the page of the door sign craft. Right- My crayon work.

 Left- En's crayon work "eggs".

Before bedtime, she checked on the pressed-leaves that she created on 8th April 2010.

the ready pressed-leaves.

On 8 April, En collected and pressed some ixora leaves. We did a pressed ixora flowers before and she loves the outcome, all flat and nice. We pasted it on card to make a bookmark. Now, she came out with the idea of pressed-leaves.

Step 1 - En laid the leaves on a piece of tissue.

Step 2 - Put another piece of tissue on top of the leaves.

Step 3- Slide it in between the pages of thick books. Check after 14days.

Before En went to bed, she said "I love you, mommy" and asked for a hug. :) What a great night it was. It's so so important to allocate 'private' time for each child!


Jack Ng said...

I thought it will do a world of good.

XMOCHA said...

hugs Shannon, this is a very touching post.. big hugs to En and Hui!