Monday, April 19, 2010

En's hammock 18 April 2010

Sunday pm
I heard a loud 'BANG' from the kitchen! When I peeped, En was with a huge pile of stuffs on the floor. Brushing aside the thought of what she was up to this time, I continued with what I was doing. Shortly later, she went to the pool and so I went to inspect the area.
Right- one end of the 2'S' hooks, hooked to the net & the other end, hang on the chair.
Left- the piles of stuff she could find to put on the chair, preventing it from falling.

The other end of the net was hooked with 2'S' hooks and hang on the window grill.

She was trying to make a hammock! And I think when she tried to sleep on it, the chair must have toppled resulting in all the stuffs dropped onto the floor = loud 'BANG'. Some stuffs were still lying on the floor which was the proof of it, falling ! And she picked up those stuff and fixed the hammock again. :) 

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