Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mom, please ride your bicycle 23 April 2010

Friday 9am
When the sun is blazing, EnHui cycle at the corridor [ It's me who dislike going out when it's hot :( ]. They cycle from our end to the other end, check on the two rabbits(at one unit) and back to our end - to and fro.
They will switch from bicycle to scooter, then to zoomie, tricycle, and skateboard. Sometimes, they wash their bike with a spray bottle of water ! One of the spray bottle has broken and so, Hui uses the water gun to wash her bike. Each time, they will request me to ride on my bike, with En at the back seat & Hui at the front child seat. Imagine how heavy it is!  If I feel like riding, I'll say OK. :)

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