Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flower Girls 25 April 2010

Sunday pm.
Both girls were beaming with joy and excited being flower girls for the first time! There was no rehearsal and I briefed them once at the restaurant. A day before the 'big' day, I showed them flower girls wedding march on youtube. They both looked stunning and did a great job marching in.

Left- Dressing up flower girls. Right- Me telling Hui how to march in.
Left- Flower girls waiting behind close door with bride/groom.
Right- Hui marched in, follow by En.

Rose petal trail created by flower girls. :)


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flymetothesky said...

EnHui, thank you so much for your great effort in helping out on my wedding. Aunty Joyce is truly grateful and you both have touched my heart deeply. Arigato!