Monday, April 12, 2010

Electrical Bulb Circuit 11 April 2010

Sunday afternoon.
Papa got some tools to create an electrical circuit but EnHui didn't seem to show any interest. I said, "Come, let's do experiment" but EnHui said, "Come, let's go into the rabbit hole". Dad carried on, setting the wires up while En went into her rabbit hole for an adventure. Hui screamed "Help, penguin fell into the hole" :D. A short while, EnHui came over, seeing the bulb lighted up.
Left- the tools. Right- EnHui's rabbit hole.

Hui connects the wire to the simple circuit.

En, using cutter, cutting wire.

A minute or two, they left and busy with something else - walked on stilts etc etc. Dad connected the switch and turned it off (disengage the lever), leaving a gap. So, he asked 'is this a conductor?' (holding the screwdriver) and putting it between the gap. EnHui didn't seem to pay attention. When dad did it few times with different things, En said "you are an adult, stop asking, you know it, Of course, it's a conductor !", pointing to the rod. We can't fool a child! :)
So, dad said 'How about a coin?". And that caught En's interest. She ran to get a coin and it's suprised to see it's a conductor. Subsequently, she took so many things to try..

old china coin is a conductor too.

Hui who has been busy with her toys.. and never seem to listen, suddenly came with this yellow marble! Just once, and she returned to the KFC colonel toys.

En got an orange!

En said "I know metal spoon is a conductor!"

In less than 5 minutes, En left the experiment! :)

Right- En  pulling the rope, between two door knobs, locking the doors from outside.

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Jack Ng said...

I thought you wrote a great blog today. You actually captured the whole episode comprehensively. Children have a million things in their mind, and possibly another 2 million things to do. Got to be fast, got to be interesting, in order to get air time.