Thursday, April 8, 2010

Playground & Sandpit @Giant Kota D'sara 5 April 2010

Monday 1030am.
We met aunty R @playground, Giant. It is clean, spacious and quiet on Monday morning. :)
Left- Hui hang like a three toed sloth. Right- She climbed thru the hole.

The steps of this climbing frame is wide for little Hui to climb on.

Right- There is a screen, showing cartoon network channel.
Left- All the rides are foc! Just press the button and tada.. it moves.
Right- En is up on the tunnel slide.

En walked on the tunnel slide & Hui follow suits.
 Cars that En brought from home. The kids slid them down the slides.

Sandpit @ RM3 for 30minutes! 

En invited Ayman to her home.  En over-turned 3 tables to be a pirate ship. Ayman, the captain, discharged the cannon by hitting a broken stand of  playgym with a rhythm stick. :)  Hui refused to go on the pirate ship, stayed outside playing with Ayra.

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