Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kepong Botanic Garden 24 April 2010

Saturday 930am
We had a wondrous nature walk @Taman Botani Kepong (entrance fee of RM1 per person) .We caught sight of a spider creeping along its lines of web by the pond, caught a glimpse of a brahminy kite eagle gliding and swooping down the pond to catch a fish, saw at a kingfisher, caught sight of a camouflaged hairy caterpillar that left a mark on dad's arm, caught fishes but didn't see any shrimps (uncle so chau, where did you catch the shrimps?). En wore swimming attire to splash in a stream. :) Unfortunately, there are only ponds around there. :(

Walking in. Made a left turn after the entrance.

Left- Beautiful white flowers on a tree.
This is where dad caught the fishes. 

 Tiny toadstools.
Left - our fishes. Some died on the way home :(

En caught some water plants for our tadpoles @home.

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sochau said...

The shrimps is at the right turn after your DSCN6272.jpg picture .
Ha, you need to decode this.:-)

A small drain and pond with lily pad.
Some big stones nearby.