Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dad is home early - 11 March 2010

Thursday evening.
Dad usually comes home late from work, after EnHui sleep. En asks dad numerous times, when he comes home early and play. Now, Hui asks the same questions. :) The questions being "are you early or late?" and "when are you coming home early?"

Today, dad came home early,730pm. EnHui insisted on waiting for dad at his parking spot. (6pm!)

Penguin waited for dad too!


EnHui shouted excitedly, hopping, bounced on him and gave him a peck!
Hui said "supper at McD !"

EnHui's favourite spot - "viewing tower" @home.
They were waiting for dad to bring them to McD. :)

En said "lets draw a map " - of the location outside window.

EnHui did a drawing at McD.
Left- En's drawng, "scary face". Right- Hui's drawing.

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