Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kepong/D'sara Homeschooler Meeting 27 February 2010

Saturday, 9am. Bukit Kiara, TTDI.
Jasmin and I were the only ones turned up for this meeting. :) My friend, Kang came along with Tai and their two sons. The children enjoyed tremendously in the stream and protested when it's time to leave. En played with Ming (Kang's son), mostly and built sandcastle and moat. I heard her bellowed "the water is cooling!!" Hui doesn't like sand sticking between her toes, just observed the fun.
There were so many monkeys nearby! They grabbed some picnickers' food plastic bag! It was scary for me but the children enjoyed watching them. :)


Reva said...

Hi I have a 8 year old girl and we have started homeschooling this year. I live near sri damansara and would like to join any group activities that we can participate.
My email add is reva6@ yahoo.com
Thank you

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Reva

I have dropped you a line. Thanks.

sweetymoment said...

hi Shannon,

I am looking for homeschool for my 9 year old boy around sri damansara area. Do you have any recommendation? you may drop me an email at: conniethen@gmail.com Thanks.

Connie 016 338 7167

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Connie

I am so sorry I do not have any recommendation.
My children have not attended any centre before. I am at ngshannon at yahoo dot com.