Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our first homemade banana ice cream 7 March 2010

Sunday afternoon.
En suggested to make ice cream.. so here goes,
300ml milk
100g brown sugar
3 ripe banana to puree.
Mix ingredient and chill in fridge for an hour.
We do not own an ice cream maker, hence we need to whisk the ingredient ourselves. The whisk was transfered from Hui, to mom, then to En and finally to dad.

After an hour, whisk ingredient till creamy. Freeze for 30mins & whisk again. Repeat 3 times. Freeze till it's ready for consumption.

 The ice cream wasn't creamy enough. En only took 3/4 of it and Hui passed it to me after a few crunch!
Check out their face! :)  Their first time of not finishing an ice cream!
*remember to whisk it till really creamy!


Unknown said...

Remember the Baskin Robbins' vouchers ... enough for 4 of you. Enjoy the treat. Fyi, some of the flavours are too sweet.

Jack Ng said...

the banana ice cream, i finished them. nobody wants it.