Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cherating, Pahang 4 June to 6 June 2011

We always have a wonderful time at Ruby's place and her pristine beach which is tucked away in a quiet secluded corner. All of us have a fair share of great time, be it snapping away over 600 shots of photograph, flew kites, preparing food, swam in the sea, laughing away the night, watching turtles for the third time! etc etc. This time around, we almost had the whole place to ourselves, occupying most of the Ruby's chalets

Ruby has renovated the floor with new tiles. :) Beach towels are also available in the room.

Bubble bottles of different shapes - mobile phone, Hello Kitty, princess.

Windchimes made of all sort of shells at Geliga near to the fish market.

The fish market where S shopped for fresh fishes to barbeque by the beach.

Fisherman jetty at the fish market.

Our fishes were nicely marinated and wrapped up by S, on the fire.

Fish heads were used as stock for the yummy soup. :) Love it.

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