Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Papan, Perak 19 June 2011

Papan, a century-old mining town,  is one of the pioneer town of Perak. It's about 25minutes drive from Gopeng town. After checking out from Earth Camp, we came by to visit World War II Heroine, Sybil Kathigasu's clinic. The town is quiet and consists of two short rows of shophouses. Some are abandoned.

The old-fashioned sliding wooden door still exists at some of the shophouses.

A sneak peak at one of the home.
En Hui were awed by the condition of the home.

Old but trusted bicycles parked by one of the two coffeeshops in town.

Coffee and tea were prepared overly sweet for our taste buds. They were served by a woman with a few finger stumps due to a factory accident that crushed her fingers years ago in a biscuit factory where she worked. I enjoyed spending the quiet and calm moment at Papan. Hmmm is this the sign of getting old?

At Gopeng town, get on the old trunk road to Ipoh, turn off to Batu Gajah. From this junction, you'll pass Kellie's Castle after 8 minutes of driving at 60 kmph. Go straight till you are at the fly past (over the railway line) in Batu Gajah, make a sharp turn (6 o'clock), then left at the T-junction, go straight, passing the old Batu Gajah railway station. Here, you are a mere 7km from Papan. Follow Pusing signage. At Pusing town, you will arrive at a T-junction, turn right. Look for the sign to Papan.

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