Monday, June 20, 2011

Malaysia, Turkey, China, Japan 16 June 2011

We finally have a huge globe at home, exchanged with reward points. :)

En Hui glued themselves to it. First thing they did, was to locate Malaysia. And finally, moved on to Thailand. En said "Let's drive there" She always have this thought of driving to Thailand, instead of taking a flight.

 And then, she located Sri Lanka, the country she will be visiting soon. She told me that, we can drive to Sri Lanka, by crossing Thailand, Myanmar and onto India. 

Then En went to locate China. She has this dream of visiting China, a year ago. When I asked her the reason, she replied " I want to know everything about Chinese."

Turkey was the next country. She shouted to me "I found Turkey, the country where you experienced hailstone".

And she moved on to Egypt, as she wish to see mummies in the Cairo Museum, the pyramid and sphinx that she read from the book. Then excited ran to the photo frames on the wall, telling Hui, there is mommy with the sphinx. 

She wanna find Australia. And then she found Japan, where her favourite sushi came from. 
It went on and on, En leading Hui. 

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