Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bird Watching with MNS, at Kampung Kemensah, Hulu Klang 29 May 2011

It was an early Sunday, 7 in morning, with MNS Selangor for birdwatching which took place at a lowland secondary forest at Kg Kemensah. Little did I know, there is a serene and quiet little village with a river running through it,  at the back of our Zoo Negara. For direction, simply turn left from Zoo Entrance A and go straight till you arrive Teratak Angah.

The bird enthusiasts immediately set up their high tech binoculars the moment they got off their cars and . This photo was taken at the parking area.  The group watched from the left, trailing the bird to the right (below).

I simply admire their love and interest in birds. 

we walked up the forest after a short briefing,  

This is the entrance to the forest, which is near to Teratak Angah Chalet entrance.

They stopped, watched at the same spot for a moment and moved up. The trip lasts for 3 long hours.
 I could hear 'Red Eye Bul Bul' and followed by the direction of the bird and everyone would aim their binoculars to the position.

This gadget on the left provides crystal clear image of the bird. When I looked through it, I was awed by this magnificent tool and its view.

wanna hear the soothing chirping sound?

Shortly after, Hui found the sand more fun. She created fish-sand, so she said, with her shoes. She spent a great deal of time decorating it. We both fell behind. While Hui did her sand craft, I simply listened to the birds' chirping and watched them flew above us.

An hour later, En too had enough of the birds. :)

A water surface tension experiment which clearly illustrates what is it about.

Video on surface tension.

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