Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paper Scissor Stone, Bubble Art & Volcano Eruption @learning playgroup 7 June 2011

This morning, we started with writing names on the name tags and put them all in a box. Children would take turn to take and pass the respective name tag to their friend. En whose head was full of ideas, scribbled on the tag instead. It was a secret code, she said.

Kids were divided into two groups and played a game of paper, scissors and stone. Score would be jotted down and calculated. En enjoyed it tremendously as always whereas Hui found cutting the toy vegetables into halves more important. :)

This is bubble art - detergent, water and food colouring. Blow into it.
En loves making bubbles. She makes bubbles all the time during her shower. She will create bubble with her hands, arms and body. Huge ones.

Press a piece of paper against the bowl of  bubbles.

ta da! bubble art. :)

Hui's bubble art.

En conducted the volcano eruption experiment but was surrounded by her friends who can't wait to try on. It ended up as a team experiment. :)

Volcano eruption - baking soda & vinegar and drops of detergent and colouring.

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