Saturday, June 4, 2011

Babysit "Bee Hooi" 2 June 2011

It started off with a conversation with a mom who live within the vicinity of our home. We met a number of times followed by some casual chat and I don't even know her name. She asked if her daughter "Bee Hooi" could play at our home tomorrow. Having just recovered from sickness, I didn't wish to babysit an extra child. I was so glad that we had plan on the said date and happily told her about it, hoping that will be the end of the story. Well, she told me to bring "Bee Hooi" along !

When I came and took "Bee Hooi", her mom didn't even bother to take my phone number! I have to insist that she writes it down. She simply said " I trust you".

"Bee Hooi" happily followed us around for that day and didn't wish to go home early. And EnHui had a splendid time with her.

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