Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Apply Malaysia Passport through KIPPAS 20 June 2011

It is my first pleasant experience applying a passport here. It merely took an hour and 10 minutes. !!

Bring old passport, one recent passport size photograph, cash (RM300 for 5 years), and a photocopy of your IC.
Enter KIPPAS centre at the ground floor ( Damansara branch). Take the envelope.
Go to the machine and follow its instruction.  

Some useful information and instructions.

There wasn't much crowd on Thursday 10am. It will take about 5 minutes to complete the transaction but it took me 10minutes with En Hui wanted to try on the machine. Keep the receipt.

Go for breakfast at Mc Donald's. An hour later, go to second floor counter 17, exchange a queue number with your receipt. Redeem the new passport at the next counter, number 18.

You could also take your passport photograph at the shop next to KIPPAS, which only takes 2 minutes to be ready. :))))

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