Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Earth Camp, Gopeng, Perak 18 June 2011

Saturday 9am
Our second trip to Earth Camp, one of EnHui's favourite place despite living in minimum comfort.

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This time around we were assigned to treehouse no. 11 and 12.
Only treehouse 11& 12 and 13&14 are connected. 

Treehouse no 11 and 12 is bit smaller.

Ring the bell for assistance!

The single unit treehouse has a trunk pierced through the treehouse.

It fits two mattresses at the left and right side of the trunk.

EnHui built this with dad's help.

And this as well.

Dad brought EnHui to Gopeng town for cendol and returned with durian. Gopeng durian season is over. The next one is in August. These durians came from Kuala Kangsar.

The little kitten that EnHui played with.

En, like climbing trees and had a rope to play along.

She tied the cloths line and washed and hang her clothes and shoes up.

Lots of woodens planks for campfire.

En stacked up a bench with some.

The sarong was meant to cover the gap on the bathroom door but En wore it as a long skirt!!


BBQ satay and burnt chicken for dinner.
RM55 per person which include lunch, dinner and breakfast.

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