Monday, June 20, 2011

White water rafting with Nomad Adventure, Gopeng 18 June2011

En was eager to start rafting and watching the river guide loaded the gears. 

After a safety briefing on the gear, she wore the life vest and helmet.
The life vest has an expiry date, just like those on board the airplane. On top of that, this life vest comes with a flap that protects the neck while in the water.

One of the position you should take if you fall into the river.

Paddling instructions were given by the river guide, as well as actions that the rafters (us) should do when we hear instructions like forward, backward, work harder, position, hold, boom-boom, etc.. at various part of the river rapid.

Carried raft to the river.
The starting point is at the Kampar River which  is 2 minutes walk from Adeline Rest house.

The kayak went down first. It tagged along our raft and served as an extra guide that followed us for safety precaution

En walked towards the side for the water confidence test.

Is an activity to acclimatise the participants with the idea of floating in the river and being carried by the current, in case of falling out from the raft.

Rafts and kayaks parked at the river bank after the curve, waiting for participants to swim over after being carried over by the river current.

Water confidence test, where participant need to float on his/her back.
En at 7 years old and being the only child there, floated on her back with the river guide, Arepex

She went down the rapid.

En took her position, seated in the middle row.

The river guide on the left, teased her by pouring water on her head! En was being a sport about it.

She waved goodbye and happily rowed away.

En kept waving at me, while I watched till the boat dissapeared.

She as usual although seems like not paying attention during the briefing, remembers very well on what to do when Arepex shouted out the instructions. At the rapids, on a few occasions, the raft were tilting and seemed to tip over, she kept her composure and reacted with agility. She enjoyed the paddling, she enjoyed the thrill when the raft were doing turnings, were going sideways, reverse and diagonally. When the raft reached its end destination, she asked if we can go further. Arepex replied if we go any further, we will be pushing the boat more than paddling, the water level were simply too low to go any further.

When she returned , she said "It was fun and I like to do it again!"
White water rafting at RM150 per person. Nomad Adventure


queen_of_bee said...

En is so brave!!

Bryan said...

I am proud of her. She is so brave!

Ng Shannon said...

Hi queen-of-bee!! :)Yeah, she is much braver than I am.

Bryan - terima kasih :D