Sunday, June 12, 2011

En is off to Bangkok, without us 11 June 2011

I sent En off to airport on her excursion to Bangkok with her aunts and uncle. It wasn't a nice feeling but I have stayed positive all through it as I didn't wish to send out any negative vibes. I always feel she has a strong sense of telepathy.

At home, Hui hugged and kissed her. En uttered "I wonder what Hui will say when I am not around". (They miss each other already)
After En has gone into the departure hall, Hui refused to move. With teary eyes, she said " I want to stand here and wait till En returns. I don't want her to go anywhere except to movie! I need to sleep with En"
While I was driving away, En called to ask how Hui was. Her angelic voice made me miss her terribly.


queen_of_bee said...

sure it's hard for you.. but FUN for En!

Ng Shannon said...

Hi queen_of_bee!!! :))) Yeah, she had lots of fun. Thanks.

Geeta said...

You are an amazing mother, Shannon. That conversation that we had at Ruby's beach - I hold it close to my heart. And trust that all is well. Thanks for your friendship.

Ng Shannon said...

Thank you Geeta. I am not. I am still trying hard to be one.
Thank you for your friendship and trust in me. Hope you and S are doing great too!