Monday, June 20, 2011

En, in Bangkok 10 June 2011

On board the AA plane, accompanied by her aunts and uncle. The only person she was concerned with, was little Hui, if Hui could sleep without her.

Cycling at Rot-fai park. Bicycle rental at THB20 only.
Bobby bear and Holly got to go as well.

Picnic: Sandwich with strawberry jam and butter, fruit salad (strawberry & apple), Pretzal, Corn & water.
Butterfly park - free admission.

Her all time favourite - tyre swing.

Catched up with uncle P.

Took the public train.

Looking for Mother Theresa at the Wax Museum, only to find out that she had requested that her figure not to be made as she didn't want to be worshipped like a celebrity.

@Damnoen Saduak Floating market ,
 experienced eating in the boat - a bowl of noodle, coconut ice cream, fruits and some local snacks.

Wrote and sent postcards at the post office.

Try asking En to count in Thai from 1 to 20. ;)

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