Saturday, June 4, 2011

Agathians Shelter, Seksyen 8 PJ Selangor 2 June 2011

Thursday 10am

To pay a visit to Agathians Shelter, email Sivabalan or call 012 296 8014 to make an appointment.  Currently, it is a home to 35 indian boys, aged 5 to 18. Some are orphans and some are children of drug addicts or prostitute.

I was given a head-ups by a mommy who visited this home before, that the boys appreciate us spending some time with them especially if we bring games or colouring sheets. The children adore footballers and enjoy newspaper cuttings from the sports sections.

This boy is Saswin, aged 6. I found him on the bench downstair and offered to read him the spiderman book he was holding. He nodded with a smile and asked lots of questions when I read the book.

I saw En taught the people on how to play her Blue Orange Toys Topitop Snow Game. Early in the morning, she was busy packing games to bring to the shelter. I love her eagerness and joyfulness in facing each new situation without any constraints or worries.

Hui comfortably seated among the group.

The open space dining hall.

Hui's coloring sheet.
We dropped by for one hour and a half. I felt really bad, stopping the boys who played happily with each other because we have to leave. Seeing Saswin's sad look, I wish I know how to end the visit better.

The list of things that Siva provided when I asked what the boys need - Milo, sugar, F & N condensed milk, Breee Cloth Washing Powder, Maggie Curry, Tepung Gandum, ghee, Planta, cooking oil, Baba's curry powder, fish, mutton, chicken, chili, salt, onion, garlic, potato, dry chili, XL size black garbage bag and brooms.

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