Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stream Ecology Walk @Bukit Kiara TTDI 4 June 2011

Stream Ecology walk with uncle Teck Ghee of Malaysian Nature Society.
Uncle TG said "Come nearer to catch the shrimp" and En replied "I don't like stepping into the mud" So, En squatted on the stone, catching shrimp!

After 20 minutes, MNS Aida checked on what we caught, water strider, guppies, shrimp and pond skater.

Then, she did an experiment on the condition of the water in the stream.

Checking pH and turbidity.

Dissolved oxygen check.
The conclusion was, the water on that morning was at its best condition for living creature to live in.

Hmmm shall I try? Hui, watching the single rope technique activity.

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