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Turtle Sanctuary Centre, Ma' Daerah Long House, Kemaman, Trengganu 21 June 2014

We packed "lemang" by Kemaman road side for lunch. 

The small signage that indicate the turnoff to the turtle sanctuary. 
 GPS: N 04o32.663’ E103o27.564’

I drove through the gravel pathway after the turnoff. 

There is a short sandy slope which I had a slight trouble going up on the way home.

This is the entrance of the sanctuary. 

Vechicles parking right in front of the dormitory and kitchen area. Easy for unloading our luggages.

There are 7 rooms with different sizes, which filled with double decker beds that can accommodate up to 4, 8 or 10 peoples. We cleaned and wiped away some droppings on the old mattresses and dusty bedframe before putting on the bed linens that are provided.  

The long wooden hallway in front of the dorrmitories, where we hang out. 

We were grateful to witness the wonderful sight of a batch of hatchling emerging from its nest, crawling out of it. 

                                                                                   Releasing hatchlings.

Excavated hatched nests, analysed nest contents and counting hatched and unhatched eggs. 
The children also saw a green turtle laid eggs at the beach and helped with the collection of eggs. 

The beach is clean and serene.  According to the sanctuary staff, swimming is not advisable due to the strong under current.
We were not allowed to stay at the beach after 5pm as nesting turtle might be surveying for a place to nest. At night, we saw the glowing plankton in green.

Contact Email:
Normal program for a 3D 2N including meals is RM150 per person.

But if you are going on a volunteer basis, it is RM10 per day per person where you assist the ranger in their day to day activities, excluding meals. Food caterer En. Sani 019 9539372 provides generous and delicious serving of Malay food.

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