Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Camping at Jerangkang Waterfall, Kg Paya Bungor, Maran, Pahang 22 March 2014

We parked our car overnight in front of the police station at Sri (Seri) Jaya town and hopped onto our friend's 4WD. (Thank you Sim)

Direction to Sri Jaya town : Exit Sri Jaya (827) at East Coast Highway. At traffic light, turn right. Restoran Sin Tong Kok, located on your left side would be a landmark to indicate you have arrived Sri Jaya town.

Direction to Jerangkang Waterfall turnoff: Exit Sri Jaya (827) at East Coast Highway. At traffic light, turn left.  Go straight and watch out for a "white paper with red arrow" sign (photo below) on the left, indicating the left turnoff. It is about an hour drive from the turnoff. For more info, here

More signs and red/white ribbon along the way to lead you in. 

Our bumpy journey. It went past a short tunnel.

It took us 55 minutes to arrive here, at the parking. Vehicles are not allowed to go in any further. 

Trekking to the first fall and camping ground (photo below).

The first clearing where we camped.

The shallow pool of the first fall which is near to our camp ground.

Eating our lunch which we packed from Sri Jaya town.

Leaping into the cooling water.

A flight of butterflies sipping minerals of the mud-puddles.

Clothes peg made with two small twigs and a rubber band.

 The starry night sky was so so stunning. (Thank you Martha for the photo)

 Jefri (013 997 6368) provides 4WD services to Jerangkang Waterfall for a fee. 

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