Friday, July 10, 2015

Kids In Charge 4th Meeting - Finale, at Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson 14 December 2013

I am one proud mom, watching her spoke confidently and being at ease on stage. 

It was the last meeting and the finale of the programme where each child would need to present their idea to the hotel, media and fellow parents in 7 minutes.

The whole presentation was written down painstakingly for almost 4 weeks. It involved researching, planning, designing, drawing, writing, costing, sourcing for material and etc. After the hard work, she found out how much easier it is working with Ms Powerpont. 

She didn't win. It was a good mixture of feelings of sadness, bitter, happy, exhausted, etc and etc. She is happy for her friend who won. And bitter to know that at times, despite working hard, one may also fail. 
She didn't bag the prize (a London trip for a family of 4) and fly to London to visit Greenwich. 
It doesn't take her long to get up and said she will try again.

Some of her masterpiece below. 

 A treasure hunt booklet will be given in a welcome bag for children. The welcome bag will be a plain recyclable cotton bag that comes with Sharpie markers for children to design their own bag.
The main character in the treasure hunt booklet is Sir John Frederick, the founder of Port Dickson.

This is one of the presentation poster. 

She called it the "Thistle Kids Check-In". Kids check-in inside a tent. being served with a welcome drink and mini cupcake, decorated by themselves with simple topping while their parents do the  actual check-in. What a treat !

She is a proud owner of a mini Ipad,  4 tickets to Legoland themepark and Legoland Water Park  and other goodies for getting into "Kids In Charge". Also thanks to her, we stayed at Thistle hotel, 3 days 2 nights full board for four times. 

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Great job En! Sooooo proud of you