Friday, July 10, 2015

Burden on a mom shoulders 5 July 2015

I was asked,

"Do you put more burden on your shoulders compared to your hubby when it comes to your kids? Such as parenting choices or homeschooling or anything pertaining to the kids? i.e. their diet, daily routine, medical needs, friends, etc etc?
If anything goes "wrong"or any hiccups surfaced, do you take them harder compared to hubby? "

I love questions. It makes me think harder and deeper.

I personally feel yes. But it doesn't mean that my gorgeous hubby feels any easier than me.

I take more burden in taking care of the kids from A to Z. Firstly because, I love what I am doing. I want to take more. Secondly, I like to lighten my hubby 's load, who work so hard.

 Yes it is tiring at times and I will take a little time away, be it a half an hour waking up early to spend time with just myself ( I just did that this morning. An hour to myself, in the kitchen with a cup of hot water, listening to "One Direction" and staring out the window) or at the cafe ( and tried hard not to feel guilty on spending some money on a cup of Americano).

I take it harder, yes. My hubby is more relaxed. I think generally men are more relax and I have being trying to learn from them in this way.
I am not only taking it harder but also longer. (not a good thing I know)

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