Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kids In Charge 3rd meeting at Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson November 2013

At the third meeting, the children selected three areas out of a list given.  There are "Arrival, Pool, Dining/Food, Outdoor Fun, Evening/Night, Family, Activities/Sport, Educational and Health/Safety" and write ideas on how to improve the area within an hour.

At 9 years old, writing and spelling is not En 's forte yet.

There is no drilling on writing and spelling at home. She writes when there is a reason or a purpose to do so. For an example, write a shopping list, reply a letter or email, send a "SMS" (short messaging), write a story ectera. It is not as much as compare to school work.

Hence, producing words,sentences and paragraphs in such a short one hour is a real challenge to her. From this experience, she saw the purpose of writing in another form and her writing improved tremendously with another sense of purpose.  

This is the poster that shows the workshop created by En. It was done at home. 
She would need to present the workshop at the next meeting. 

The part that I like the most, is "Free For Special Needs Children" and "Your Kids Must Agree To Come". What a thoughtful thinking!    

Read the 2nd meeting here

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