Friday, August 19, 2011

Yakult Factory Tour, Seremban 13 August 2011

Microscope view of lactobacillus casei Shirota (named after Yakult's founder)

Different packaging at other countries.

It started off with an educational video on the importance of good bacteria. The story is nicely presented in a cartoon format which inevitably attracted the little children's attention. 

In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical about the contents of the factory tour, after having experienced on how brief a factory tour can be.  To my suprise, we were able to view the entire process of Yakult! I must say, it is the best factory visit ever. Two thumbs up for Yakult!


Jack Ng said...

A short tour, but is a good tour. I thought the factory is set-up such a way catering to large visiting groups. I left the factory with a few ideas on how to improve the manufacturing facilities that I am attached to.

Jade said...

I stay very near to Yakult, but i never got chance to bring my kids to visit this factory also. Hope i will get a chance to bring them over since you give 2 thumbs up..... :)

Ng Shannon said...


You live in Oakland Park? :) Yes, Among Vitagen, Gardenia, Beryl, Yakult and Polar Ice cream, I think Yakult tour is the best.
Are you a homeschooler too?


Jade said...

Hi Shannon,

I'm a working mum, so i don't think will have any chance to homeschool my children. Anyhow, i really hope to learn from homeschool mum, like you, saw your children enjoy learning so much... and all the activities you joined is so much fun. If any activity happen in Seremban, hope i can join you and others too. :)


Ng Shannon said...

Hi Jade,

Sure. Hope to meet up with you one day.

Homeschool doesn't need a fix amount of hour in a day. It can be at anytime of the day. Homeschooling is living. Living is homeschooling. :D