Friday, August 19, 2011

Jelita Ostrich Farm Seremban, Negeri Sembilan 13 August 2011

Adult RM8. Kid RM6.
Daily 9am to 5pm.
There are no signboards at all, from Seremban town to Jelita Ostrich Farm.

Direction - At Seremban toll exit, turn left and go straight to Seremban town. Look for huge A&W. Go pass A&W (on your left). Go straight till you see a fire station on the left. Turn left and go straight. Turn left after the first Shell Station. Go straight till you see Veterinary Department and make a left turn into it.

Guava tree with abundance of fruits and also moth cocoon.

The owner gave us an informational tour around the farm.

Wide green pasture at the farm

It was scorching hot at 10am with minimal shelter.

The interior part of the ostrich's wing.

The female ostrich was seen to be flapping its wing, inviting the male to mate.

En fed the goats, by putting the dry corns on the fan.

The heavy ostrich eggs.

We shunned away from the ostrich ride and ostrich race, which we thought was inappropriate and cruel to the birds.

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