Thursday, August 4, 2011

Star&Sun-gazing with Starfield Instrument Supply @Janda Baik 23 July 2011

Astronomy presentation by Hui Chiek, a charming and passionate lady in astronomy. 

We joined Starfield Instruments Supply for a stargazing trip at Janda Baik.

Stargazing started after midnight when the rain has stopped and the sky was clear. The dark sky was filled with stars. Milky way was visible between the Teapot (part of the Sagitarius) and Scorpius. (I just learnt from this trip!)
According to Hui Chiek, what we need is just planishere, red beam torchlight to facilitate dark adaptation and compass to determine the direction. 
If you wanna proceed further, the next thing to buy, is a good pair of binoculars. She lent us her pair of binoculars. By looking through the gadget, it was as if we were swimming in the sea of star!   

Sun observation with a 99.9%  filter.
We also used these two telescopes for stargazing.

This is Hui Chiek's telescope. :) She bought it for almost a thousand few years back.

The Sun through the telescope.

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