Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simple Machines Workshop at Edison Centre 24 July 2011

I have heard lots of rave comments on Edison Explorer but have never bother to find out more about it. So, when I knew of this workshop, I jumped at the opportunity. RM30 for a couple, 3 hours workshop. Without knowing exactly what it was all about, I came with an intention to learn how be to creative. I am not a creative person and surely doesn't equipped with critical thinking skill. I wonder if this ability comes naturally for a person or do we need to learn it?

What I learnt.
There are 6 type of simple machines and how we can creatively include them in our children's play by using methods below.

Forced Relationship.
Six Hats
Ideal Problem Solving
Paying Attention to Detail

After the workshop, I realised how I have not known how to turn EnHui's quest with one of those above.

Have a look at the "Simple Machine Unit" photos Edison on Facebook.

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