Friday, August 5, 2011

Chilling Waterfall, Kuala Kubu Bharu 31 July 2011

A quiet and cooling morning at Kuala Kubu Bharu, which located at the foot of the hills.
We arrived at 830am and it took less than an hour from Sg Buloh NKVE toll.
Direction from KL - exit at 2nd Rawang exit. Follow KKB signage.

The scenic road that leads to Chilling Waterfall, surrounded by mountains, trees and Pertak dam.

Just can't take away my eyes from it.

The entrance of Chilling waterfall.
Cars were parked by the roadside.

Opening hours.

En piggy-backed Hui to the rangers station.

Report yourself at the rangers station before you proceed.

Map to Chilling waterfall.
Cross 6 rivers to the first peak and one more river to the second highest peak. 

Contact no.

The beginning of the trail is a suspension bridge over the first river crossing.

Muddy and water puddles everywhere after a wet morning.

Closer look of the trail.

It took us an hour hike to the first peak, following the river. 

Climbed over some fallen tree trunks.

First river crossing.

Second river corssing.

Third river crossing.

Fourth river crossing.

En crossed independently while Hui sat comfortably on dad's shoulder.

Clear signages provided beside each river.

En pointed to me, the marked trail on trunks along the path.

At the 6th crossing, the river depth was up to En's waist.

Down some rocky path.

Finally, we arrived the first peak.

En Hui watching dad climbed up the slippery rocks, near the fall.

Dad took the plunge into the 23degree celcius cool water.

En had a closer look at some pitcher plants she has never seen before.

These are the pitcher plants and there are abundant of them on the ground and up the trees.

Another snapshot of the pitcher plants.

The common pitcher plants that we saw.

Rare funghi. According to CL, the MNS guide, the colour of the funghi depends on the nutrients from the trunks they reside on.

Bright yellow ones.

Ginger buds

Peacock fern.

We stopped by the Perdik dam on the way back.

Perdik dam.

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Jack Ng said...

This is by far my best waterfall adventure with the gang. The water was fresh, crystal clear and fishes were aplenty along the river. And this is one waterfall pool that is deep enough that allows you to do backflips and dives. If it weren't for the cold water, I would have swim and dive all day. And I would have also done that with En. I was shivering.

The hike was fun and tiring. I was carrying Hui up my shoulders, up and down the hike. But it was great scenery, nice hike up, the guys and gals from MNS are friendly, first class, and explained stuff to us. And guess what, they were so very patient with En and Hui, which is a rarity nowadays.

Been thinking about the fall for many days now, wish to go back there some time in the near future, with a few nice chairs and hot coffee in the pack and lay back. That will full-bat me in a jiffy.